Tag, I’m it

Having been tagged by three people (even though Kate tagged everyone, which is probably cheating) I now apparently have to reveal 8 random facts about myself. As many of my friends often describe me as a random person, this could be very random indeed.

Random squared, one could say. So here goes.

1. My favourite Subway sandwich is Ham and Turkey on Italian herb and cheese, not toasted, with extra cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, gherkin (or pickle, as they insist on calling it), with either barbecue or ranch sauce.

2. I once used the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 on the lottery. I didn’t win anything.

3. The only email I ever had from my personal tutor at university read “Email Mikel Koven.” Mikel Koven was indeed very helpful.

4. I have seen three films from the so called ‘Video Nasty’ list. The Evil Dead is too slapstick to be taken seriously and I got bored watching The Last House On The Left and The House On The Edge Of The Park. I subsequently don’t consider any of them to be nasty.

5. In sixth form drama lessons, my group and I used to quote I’m Alan Partridge to each other. Abso-Bloody-Exactly!!

6. The album I am listening to at the moment (when I say at the moment, I mean at the time of my writing, not whenever you are reading this) is the Life On Mars soundtrack.

7. One of my favourite facts is that the elephant is the only animal to have four knees.

8. My earliest memory is of having my brother’s friend’s family argue over who will feed me fish fingers. I have no idea why I remember that.

Fairly random, I think you’ll agree, but since the only people I know who have blogs are the ones who tagged me, I can’t really tag anyone else myself. Unless Mum, Kate and Deb can think of another eight random facts???

3 thoughts on “Tag, I’m it

  1. Hello Ian…I decided to pop by here to see what you are up to! Enjoyed the post and your 8 random facts. Your mum tagged me. I will list. Giving it some thought first!:-)PatBack Porch Musings


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