On my way to a showreel

Having recently (5 months ago is recent, right?) finished my MA degree in Film Studies, I have begun to start work on my career within the Film and TV industry. Like pretty much every recent graduate out there, regardless of field, I would consider myself lucky to gain employment straight away, without having some kind of work experience placement(s) beforehand.

Admittedly I’m still fairly new to it all, but getting even placements does seem to be somewhat of an endless cycle, in order to gain experience, you need to have previous experience. And that’s where my showreel comes into play. Or at will, as soon I can get past the technological barriers getting in my way.

But while I’m still trying to actually transfer the short films I’ve been involved in in the past, as well as organise my latest one (and find any job that will help me out with the debt an MA generally inflicts on you), feel free to check out MA group film, 25.

25 logo

And feel free to let me know what you think.

EDIT: Possibly not for those of a nervous disposition.

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