What’s in a name?

Hey there guys,

Bare with me, but there’s a bit of a change in today’s scheduled programming. Well, actually there wasn’t ever a schedule, but you know what I mean.

A couple of months ago I started this blog as something for myself to keep me writing, find my voice, and think outloud about some of my ideas and opinions (a few of which have changed as I’ve been writing). Since then I’ve amassed a few followers and have been getting some great feedback, so I figured it’s time to take it up to the next level.

As far as today’s concerned, this means changing the name. Probably the web address too. If people like what I’m saying, then I want more people to hear me, so I figured this site needs to have name that explains what it’s actually about all about rather than just “i, Coomber”. That might be fine to use as my writing name, but I will admit that anyone who sees a random link to it is just going to be confused, and not know what it’s all about.

So I present to you all, “24,000 words per second”!

I’m guessing it’s self explanatory, and as I think all my posts so far have been about either Film and TV (or Film & TV), I’m guessing it also fills the criteria of explaining what the site’s about.

I wish I could tell you that it’s something I spent long and hard choosing and deliberating, but actually it was just the name of my first blog from rather a long time ago. It’s still there if you want to go searching (oh go on then), and as it’s pretty much the same deal, I figured I’d give it a reboot. 

I know I’m against that sort of thing most of the time, but if you think of my first try as some little no-budget indie that is deserving of a remake to get the aforementioned bigger audience it (I hope) deserves, then I guess that’s acceptable, right? Plus it was four years ago. That’s about forever in blog years.

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