Shapes, Smells, and Ramblings

The next workshop at the library involved two different exercises. They were both stream of consciousness writing tasks, but with very different starting points.

The first involved us being given a piece of paper with an emotion or feeling on it, mine was “Pessimistic”, and were told to write down what shape was the first to come to mind, mine was “Crescent”. We then had to write about our shape, ignoring the initial feeling we had been given, and just keep writing…

Looking up. It’s looking down. On me. Standing in the darkness and the hills and the forest. It dangles in front of my eyes. Not one thing or the other, in between. Coming or going. I can’t tell, nobody knows. Everybody wants to know. Where they’re going. What direction. What distance. When do you arrive? Time. That great force that ticks aw[ay].

Our next was based on smells. The leader of this particular group was an aromatherapist, and so brought in several oils/essences. We had one each, mine was something called “Tulsi”, and had to write down what words we would use to describe it, “Strong”, “Dark”, “Chocolate”, and “Pungent”. Our task with this was to write about a time in our lives, but not a specific memory.

Woud you like some chocolate? Would YOU like some chocolate? No? Didn’t think so. Nobody does. But they do. Everyone likes chocolate don’t they? Apparently not. At least not this chocolate. Left all alone cos nobody wants it. I wonder if I could give it a new home. I like chocolate, but I’m working. Supposed to be working but there’s nobody here for me to work for. No customers. No newspapers. They all buy newspapers. Maybe that’s why they don’t want chocolate. Every day. Day in day out. Slice of choccy with your daily mail. Sat in your sofa. Arms wide. Mouth open. Reading reading reading grumble grumble grumble. Don’t like chocolate don’t like anything. Nothing much at least. Every morning buy the paper. Don’t want to not but the paper.

As you can probably tell from just the first sentence, I used to work at WHSmith.

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