A Dystopia Made In Heaven

I always enjoyed meeting up with Jo, Alex, and Daisy, and the combined imagination of us when we got together is something that should never have been underestimated (I don’t like using the past tense there, that needs to be rectified):

As the multinational president looked out into the slums, only one of the posters baring his face had been graffitied with birthday wishes.

He frowned as he wondered why it was so hard for the public to remember his birthday – after all, he had had the date lasered into the moon’s face for everyone to see!

That had been a public relations disaster, of course. How was he to know that the laser was shining through Moon Base Beta, killing the entire staff as the were sucked into the vacuum?

“I can never do anything right”, he sighed to himself and lent on the terminate button.

Poor Jumblie, why had he changed places, he didn’t deserve that fate, shredded and liquefied.

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